Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

By using this website you agree to the following terms and conditions below. If you don’t agree to the following please leave the site immediately.

'we, us and the traders shop' all represent The Traders Shop. For individual companies terms and conditions please see their website.


  1. We hold no responsibility for any financial losses. Including loss caused by any advertised company. Your own due diligence should be done on all brands before making any purchases.

  2. We hold no responsibility for any damages caused by software or services purchased from our advertising partners.

  3. Any links that take you away from this page are out of our control and therefore nothing to do with us and we hold no liability for any issues that occur.

  4. We hold the right to terminate any conversations with any customer or businesses. Including blocking support.

  5. Any complaints made about an advertised company will be dealt with fully and with an unbiased approach. If a business is removed from our site NO REFUNDS will be given for advertising and we may send all details to the authorities. 

  6. Trading involves risks and you should not trade with funds you can't afford to lose. 

  7. We hold the right to remove any company at any time if they have deemed to breach our SELLERS terms and conditions. No refunds will be given. 

Privacy & Safety

Please see below our privacy terms. 

  1. We record all conversations. Including screen shot of social media messages.

  2. We use cookies to make your experience easier. 

  3. When subscribed to our newsletter we may contact you with special offers or new products released. You can opt out at any time.

  4. For any questions on data privacy please contact us and ask to speak to our DPO.

Rolex Giveaway

  1. We hold the right to remove this giveaway at anytime. 

  2. No money alternative is available.

  3. winner must pay for shipping and insurance as advised.

  4. All paperwork and box will be included as a brand new watch with Rolex warranty.

  5. Rolex are no involved in this giveaway and therefor hold no responsibility.

  6. All tasks must be done to be the winner. 

  7. Winner will be contacted via Instagram and if they are happy to will be shared on our page as the winner.

  8. The draw will end 30/07/2022 unless sated otherwise.